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Ogata Kenzan Painted Bowl

Ogata Kenzan Painted Bowl


Ogata Kenzan (尾形 乾山, 1663–1743)


Ogata Kenzan studied with the famed potter Nonomura Ninsei before creating his his own kiln. In 1712 an Edo nobleman began patronizing his kiln, and in 1713, he moved to Edo (modern day Tokyo) where he spent the rest of his life.


He is known as one of the greatest ceramicists of the Tokugawa era, and is closely associated with Kyō ware (the Kyoto Style). Ogata Kenzan produced a distinctive and unmistakeable style of freely brushed grasses, blossoms, and birds as decorative motifs for pottery. His pieces were prized for their perfect relation between design and shape. This piece is an excellent example.


Acquired at Kyoto auction, 2022. 


3"h x 4.5" d

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