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Astier de Villatte Incense

Astier de Villatte Incense


Hand made in Japan, this incense collection pairs one of the oldest incense makers in Japan, from the island of Awaji, with the masterful design team of Astier de Villate in Paris. Other scents available in store.

Aoyama: the scent of an old wooden house (machiya) from this Tokyo neighborhoodSmoked wood, patchouli, cloves.

Palais de Tokyo: intoxicating wisps of smoky wood, warm skin, metallic vibrations.

Oulan Bator: with roots as a nomadic Buddhist encampment.  Crude leather, tobacco, ambergris, angelica root.

Grand Chalet: the smell of fresh milk and the honeyed, slightly lemony scent of linden tha borders this all-wood Alpine structure.

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